Welcome To bar Association

 The Rajasthan High Court Bar Association is body which is registered under societies Registration Act, 1958. Members are Advocates who are practicing in Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur Bench. Several eminent lawyers and judges which includes Judges of Apex Court and Chief Justice of different High Courts have been member of the Rajasthan High court Bar Association. The association is involved in upgrading the legal system and working in the interest of its members. The Rajasthan High Court Bar Association is one of the few association who have worked in the interest of the persons like advocates clerk, dependent on the Advocates. It has started Advocate’s Clerk Welfare Fund in the year 2012 when the present President Shri R.B. Mathur was General Secretary of the Association. This year i.e. 2012 the Association in the interest of its member have started Rajasthan High Court Bar Association Advocate’s welfare fund. The stamps have been printed and are affixed on each Vaklatnamaha and Memo of appearance etc. These stamps are known as Advocates and Advocate’s Clerk Welfare Fund Stamps . Present denomination of the stamps is Rs.27/. The election of the Association takes place on yearly basis. There are elected office bearers which include President, two Vice Presidents, General Secretary, and Joint Library Secretary. There are eight elected Executive Members, and the immediate past President and General Secretary are Ex-officio members of the Executive. The President of the Association at his discretion can co-opt two members in his executives. The Association is having its registered bye-laws and election rules. The Association is having its own well maintained library and is also having online facilities of number of Journals.